Tuesday, 31 May 2016

SEND Reforms: After the Conference debate

Commenting after the debate on Motion 40 (SEND Reforms) , Christine Blower, General Secretary said:

“The Government is missing the point with the focus of its SEN reforms. “Hooked on top-down reform, the Government has spent recent years requiring every local authority to overhaul the method of statementing children’s additional needs. Meanwhile, they have ignored the impact of a heavy and narrowing curriculum, bulging class sizes, and the loss of specialist SEN services. Funding is key to this." 
“In a survey this Easter, 97% of primary members told the NUT that the Government’s policy on curriculum and assessment is not working for children with special educational needs. “In a parallel survey, 65% of secondary teachers said they have seen a negative impact on the educational achievement of their students from a lack of specialist services for SEN. 70% of secondary teachers believe that Government policies are actually making it more difficult to include SEN pupils."
“England led the world on developing inclusive education for many decades, and has exported these principles and values. The principles of competition and deregulation revealed in the new White Paper will let down pupils with special educational needs and is a risky experiment.”

Read the full text of the motion by clicking here

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